The Dekalb Farmers Market

If you have never been to the Dekalb Farmers Market, I would highly recommend a visit. It’s a hidden gem in the city of Atlanta, and ever since I fell in love with the Athens Farmers Market, I have been obsessed with exploring markets to find the freshest, most colorful food I can find. (Side note: I miss the colors and flavors of Athens so much! It’s such a great college town. Go dawgs!)

Ever since I made the big move back to Atlanta, I’ve been dying to visit the Dekalb Farmers Market. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint. As soon as I walked in, I was overwhelmed by the amount of color that I saw: fruits, vegetables, spices, cheeses, flowers, desserts, and even flags hanging from the ceiling. Whether I looked up, down, to the left, or to the right right, there was color to be seen. I was in heaven! Farmers Market FlagsLettuce HeadsPeppers

I purchased some delicious fruit (my favorite being a pineapple the store clerks peeled in front of me), fresh arugula, one of the yellow peppers, and an assortment of snacks I couldn’t resist. I left with five full grocery bags, and my total was $28.67. So not only do they have some of the freshest, most colorful food I’ve ever seen, but also some of the cheapest!

Did I mention my private tour guides? My cousin and her babies go to the Dekalb Farmers Market nearly once a week and are experts at maneuvering through the crowded yet colorful lanes. The two-year-old had an absolute blast — she was counting the vegetables we put in the cart, planning dinners for the week, and admiring the unique colors we saw around market. Her favorite things that day were a light green lemongrass and a bright purple eggplant. She loves color at an early age, too! Maybe it runs in the family. Cousin fun!

I hope my trip to the farmers market inspired you to shop and cook with a little more color! Does anyone else have a favorite market in Atlanta? Happy cooking!


Valentine’s Day Recap

Valentine’s Day was yesterday, and now it’s time for a colorful reflection! I hope you spent your day dressed in head-to-toe red and surrounded by loved ones. I spent the majority of my day making goodies for the people that I love.

First, I made a Gluten-free Valentine Chex mix (it tasted just like puppy chow) for my non-gluten eating dad and sister! Gluten Free Chex Mis It was delicious! And the pink, red, and white colors were just perfectly festive! The recipe produced so much Chex mix, that I had enough to give some to my boyfriend (Peter) and my roomie (Erica) — all very special people in my life! Here is the recipe I found on Pinterest and a quick video I made using Vine to share the recipe’s ingredients.

When I dropped the Chex mix and Valentine’s cards off at my parent’s house, I got to spend time with someone I love very much — Hudson. Just look at this face! His blonde eyelashes. That pink nose. And his awesome snuggling skills. What a lover. Hudson

For our evening festivities, Peter volunteered to make dinner and I was responsible for making dessert. We had a decadent mushroom risotto and smothered pork chops with mushrooms from Hugh Acheson’s cookbook, A New Turn in the South. Hugh is one of our favorite chefs; we love all of his restaurants and his cookbook is awesome. (Thank goodness for the chives and thyme that we used in this recipe. The green added some much needed color to the dish!) This meal ranks as one of my all time favorites cooked by my personal chef, Peter. DinnerFor dessert, I made a red velvet and strawberry trifle. I have made this once before, so I knew it would be a success both in taste and color. Here is the recipe from Taste and Tell Blog. She does a red velvet week every year around Valentine’s Day and has some great recipes!  The vibrant red strawberries and cake mixed with the white yogurt was the perfect color combo for the occasion.
Red Velvet and Strawberry Trifle

Here’s to many more colorful memories with the people that we love!

My grown-up apartment

After five months of living in my apartment, it finally feels complete! I’ve hung up everything on my walls, bought plenty of accessories (at least for now), and strategically placed all of our pictures and books! Major shout out to HGTV for all of the inspiration!

So it’s time for show and tell! Here’s a picture of our dining room. The blue, green, and brown are colors we have throughout the entire living room and kitchen. I’m lucky that my roommate likes these colors, too, as blue has always been my favorite color!

  • photo(4)The table and chairs are from my parents old house. We spray painted the chairs white and got the cushions recovered in a really fun, colorful pattern. They look great in the space and were even better for our budget!
  • And how much do you love the window paintings? They are the most recent addition to the room and really complete it. The roomie’s mom found them for us at an art show. Well, she saw the artist at an art show and then got these customized for us so that the colors would be perfect for our apartment! Be sure to check out the artist’s site, she makes awesome stuff!
  • Can you see the blue peacock in the corner? It’s holding our cookbooks up on the bar and is a fun, random accessory. I’ve decided it’s the little accents that really make a space. I found this at Pier

Here is the living room! You can see the blue, green, and brown continue throughout the space. The colors make me happy!

  • The curtains are my favorite part of the room! I got them at World Cost Plus Market. They really tie the entire space and all of the colors together. The roomie got the tree painting there, too.
  • Both the coffee table and brown chair are from Ikea. I love that store; I feel like a kid in a candy shop with all of the colors, furniture, and decor possibilities!
  • The lamp is from HomeGoods and the pillows are from Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Love the hodgepodge!

So now we’re moving on to my bedroom! I had so much fun mixing new and old pieces together for the ultimate grown-up room.

  • The shelf is from Pottery Barn (thanks Bubbie and Papa!) and I love how the pictures are layered. I wanted to do something different on my walls, and this was definitely it! The flower picture is from Target, and the elephant is from India (another shout out to Bub)! I love all the colors.
  • The gorgeous book shelf is from Nadeau! And it is my favorite thing I’ve gotten for the apartment. It looks amazing in the space, and I know I’ll have it for a long time!
  • The accessories are from HomeGoods and C. Wonder. Y’all know I need as much as color as possible!

So there ya have it! My very first grown up apartment! It’s been great finally being able to decorate somewhere I can call my own. I love finding the little accessories and perfect shades of color to really complete a space. I’m so glad my slight obsession with HGTV started when it did because I was able to put my decorating skills to use! Hope you’re living in as much color as I am…

The Best Is Yet to Come

While I was playing on Facebook this week, one of Sharpie’s posts caught my eye…


The best is yet to come. So simple, and yet exactly what I needed to remind myself that good things are ahead of me! And it didn’t hurt that it was doodled in colorful Sharpies… Certainly brightened my day!

I followed the link to a unique Tumblr page called Lettering Daily where artist Maia Then has created hundreds of doodles. Here is how she describes her page: “What happens when a notebook, a few markers and an iphone meet.”

Dang, I wish I thought of that. Take a look at her page, and let me know what you think! I love the simple, poetic, colorful creations she’s made! Which one is your favorite?

New Year, New Colors

Happy 2013! And please excuse my absence — blogging has officially become my New Year’s resolution, so expect to see more of me.

In this absence, a lot has happened in my life…

First, and most significantly, I graduated from the University of Georgia. It was a bittersweet time in my life, as it was hard for me to believe that the “best four years of my life” were over. I will always be grateful for the memories I made in Athens and for the opportunities I received from the Grady College. And for the rest of my life, I will bleed red and black…

Grady College girls at graduation

Up next was a very special summer vacation! A family trip to Europe. We started in London, then visited Paris, and ended in Switzerland. I love exploring different cities — the food, the streets, the cultures! The unique colors and vibrant sites are all so different than in America. And we had amazing weather, so we saw rich blue skies perfectly juxtaposed against European museums, flags, and mountains. Thanks mom and dad! It was an amazing trip!

The Schwartz family at the Louvre in Paris, France

Vevey, Switzerland — a beautiful town located on Lake Geneva

And then I started I my very first big girl job at Turner Broadcasting! I am a Social Media Marketing Assistant for Turner Entertainment Networks, and I spend my days tweeting, Facebooking, and talking to fans of our shows. For a job, I feel pretty lucky. It’s a great company to work for, I love being a community manager, and I even have work friends! I’ve also moved into my own apartment and pay the bills. Yup, I feel like a real grown up…

2012 was filled with lots of change, and now 2013 brings a new year filled with new colors that I’ve never explored. And I’m excited to share them with you.

A Colorful Throwback: The Spice Girls

Everyone loves a good throwback… So why not talk about the music group that defined my pre-teen years —

The Spice Girls.

One look at this picture and I am reminded of the color that the Spice Girls brought to my life. Their wardrobes, their hair, their shoes! I collected Spice Girls bubble gum, lollipops, post cards, and posters that were colorful. And even their lyrics promoted friendship, positivity, and most importantly—girl power.

The group didn’t want to be average. And they did everything imaginable to stand out.

The outfits were not only unique and colorful, but they also matched their names as well, which reflected the individual attitudes and personalities. Sporty Spice was always in sporty attire, and Scary Spice always had some sort of animal print or bright color. Posh Spice was always the most fashionable, and Ginger Spice was always the sexiest. Baby Spice, my favorite, was always cute as a button.

These girls truly took on their roles and created a band with a personality that no one could compete with…

We all have a lot to learn from the Spice Girls. Because if you “wannabe” a color queen, all you need to do is “stop right now” and “spice up your life!” Girl power!

Color Changes Everything

When spring roles around, I know that usually means more color—bold fashion, vibrant trees, and neon nail polish.

This year, however, that also meant the reveal of a new Target ad campaign, Color Changes Everything. 


From the moment the commercial starts, people wearing colorful clothes begin to transform everyday life…all by adding color from Target. A boring couch gets fabulous pillows. An entire family gets a spring wardrobe. A woman gets a complete makeover.

The simple idea that color changes everything is perfect. I want to make it my new tagline. I want to yell it from the rooftops! I want to live and breathe color.

Target does a great job with this campaign. It takes real life situations and adds their own colorful accessories, beauty products, and fashion. The commercial allows its viewers to see the immediate result of adding color to his or her life.

I urge you to go out and try it on your own. Add color to your life, and let me know if it changes everything.