markers, markers, markers

I have seven different boxes and styles of markers. Two types of crayons. One pack of glitter pens. And a desk full of pencils, pens and highlighters. (And that is just my collection with me at school.) Let’s just say I take my writing and coloring utensils seriously.


There are two main reasons why my collection is so extensive.

First, I get a new pack of markers every year on my birthday. This tradition started way back before I was a teenager when for some reason I always got upset at the end of my birthday because my once-a-year special day was coming to an end. But the cure was simple—a trip to Media Play.

Media Play was known for their collections of DVD’s, CD’s and books, but of course I chose a new pack of markers. The new addition to my collection always boosted my spirits, and for some reason made it seem a little more okay that my birthday was coming to an end.

Then I grew up, but the tradition did not stop. Instead of going to Media Play, I would just get an exciting new pack of markers as one of my gifts.

One year, I was flabbergasted to see that my mom had found the 50 pack of Crayola markers that I had been searching for everywhere. Another year I got Crayola’s Pip-Squeaks Mix ‘Ems, which are little markers that allow you to create original color fusions using more than one marker. For my 21st birthday, I finally got the 24 pack of Sharpies that had been on my wish list for months.

Often times, the markers end up being my most talked about gift.

The second reason my collection of markers is so big is because of my old babysitter, Julia, and her family. When Julia graduated from high school, I can remember being at her house when she opened a colorful container full of markers, construction paper and essential A & C supplies.

So for my graduation, I requested the exact same thing. Julia and her family supplied me with everything I needed to start college fully stocked of art supplies.

Nowadays, I may not use the collection of markers and crayons as frequently as I did when I was a child. But my excitement and passion for the bold colors on a crisp piece of white paper is still exactly the same.


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I live in a colorful world.

One Response to markers, markers, markers

  1. Mark Schwartz says:

    Emily and her markers and crayons go together like peanut butter and jelly. In fact, I think I remember Emily sketching some pictures of creamy, peanut buttery with colorful, sweet jam.

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