Friendship Bracelets Anyone?

I love friendship bracelets. Who doesn’t right?

But as a teenager I really loved them. I learned tons of stitches when I was around eight years old from my babysitters and then went to summer camp and taught everyone I knew. I would come home from a month at Camp Barney Medintz—my summer place—with countless string bracelets and anklets.

There was the simple braid, candy stripe, Chinese staircase, weaves and even hemp.

No stitch was too challenging. And my color collection was tremendous.

Today, my collection of string is still pretty big…

I have decided to make my favorite stitch, candy stripe, and give you some helpful hints for when you want to create a friendship bracelet.

  • The most important thing is that you pick exciting colors. You can go with warm, cool, rainbow or even random colors—but it has to be a color combination that you like.

My colors: purple, bright blue, hot pink, light pink and black.

  • When tying the knot at the top, be sure to leave enough string so that you can tie the bracelet on you when it’s finished. I’ve made the mistake of creating an awesome bracelet and then not having enough string to tie it on with.

The perfect amount of string left when I tie my knot.

  • It helps to spread out the strings/colors when you are first starting your stitches. The beginning is often the hardest because you go from just the knot to creating complete stitches. It’s important to have a good foundation for your entire bracelet.

Notice how all the strings are separated, which will make it easier to start the stitch.

Now get started!

They have aisles of string at Michaels with every color imaginable (Yes, it’s overwhelming and fabulous). I hope these simple tips helped and now you are confident in your friendship bracelet ability. By wearing it you will constantly be reminded of your knack for crafts, and enjoy that semi-permanent colored bracelet around your wrist.

Here is my finished product:


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2 Responses to Friendship Bracelets Anyone?

  1. Mark Schwartz says:

    I like the way your newly created friendship bracelet matches your nail polish. Nicely done.

  2. I seriously used to make these at summer camp all the time. I favorite was the “box braid” or something like that. I sure had my fair share of string, too!

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