RED is in the air…

Austin Powers knows a thing or two about the ladies… and on our Valentine’s Day celebration he joined me and my roommates for the festivities.

February 14 is not just a day to celebrate love. It’s a day to celebrate the color red in any way, shape or form. I started the celebration the evening of the 13 with a party at my house with my six roommates. Everything, of course, was themed red.

We had to set the mood in our living room, which is luckily shades of red and black, and when we were done it looked like Cupid threw up. Candles lit. Candy on the table. And the aroma of food cooking in the oven. Perfection.

Dinner started with spaghetti and salad.

Desserts included:

Rice crispy treats with red and pink M&Ms

and red velvet cake & strawberry trifle (recipe via Taste and Tell Blog)

And to top off the Valentine celebration, we have beautiful flowers.

Now go celebrate the color red with the people that you love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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I live in a colorful world.

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