Have a colorful weekend!

Happy Friday!

With the amazing spring weather (although it’s still February) my spirits are high—thus I need color. And I’m thinking you may need color too.

Here are some easy ways to add COLOR to your weekend…

  • Take a walk: Just by being outside you will get the color Mother Earth intended us to get. Walk to a park, alongside the street or around campus. The combination of beautiful weather with fabulous natural color will do wonders for you.
  • Cook something yummy: First you will need to go to the grocery store, where colorful food and labels are everywhere. Pick a recipe that involves multiple colorful ingredients, like gumbo or seven layer bars, so you can see color in your food. Or create a dinner menu with a color theme, orange for example, and cook salmon, sweet potatoes and glazed carrots.
  • See a play: The set will be full of color as well as the characters and their costumes.
  • Organize: Do you have an area full of clutter in your house? Well it’s time to do something about it! Take your closet and color code it. Clean out your desk drawer and compartmentalize it. (I’m thinking a Container Store trip would be necessary!!!) Alphabetize your DVD or CD collection. Organize what you’ve got and admire the color it brings you.
  • Plan a vacation: Hello? Talk about color. You’ll be researching and looking at pictures of cities or landmarks and even picking out hotels and restaurants. This will add visual color as well as get you excited for the future.

What are your colorful plans for the weekend?


About coloremily
I live in a colorful world.

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