Nail Art

Want to have fun with color and wear it at the same time?

Easy! Just paint your nails!

I have been wearing nail polish for years, but it wasn’t until I entered college that I realized how important it was for my self image. There is just something to be said about having clean, crisp and painted nails.

And I have even gotten good at painting my own nails. I try to paint them approximately every week or so and definitely before important events. I feel like the color on my nails serves as a sort of accessory for my outfit and  really adds a lot to my coloful appearance.

Check out my nail polish collection…

I guess you could say I’m brand loyal to OPI. But how could I not be? Without a doubt they have the best quality nail polish, and not to mention they have stand-out colors with creative, quirky names. Make sure you check out the OPI website—where you can “try on” every color, set the nail length and even choose your skin tone.

So go ahead and add color to your nails!


About coloremily
I live in a colorful world.

One Response to Nail Art

  1. You don’t even know how much I believe in nail polish as a mood booster! Love this!

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