the highway’s simple treasures

As I drove to Birmingham, Alabama, to visit with family, I was reminded that the simple things in life make a HUGE difference. Driving on a highway can be so boring and painful. But I got lucky because I found color!

My family and I drove on a beautiful day with clear skies. So I was able to admire the blue sky touching the newly green leaves on the trees. They were filled with various shades of green leaves, and it was obvious their blooming was recent.

There is something so amazing when everyday, contrasting colors are so vibrant.

The next colorful and simple pleasure I saw was an abundance of blooming wildflowers in the median of the highway. Luckily I was not driving becuase I could not take my eyes off of the flowers, which was a refreshing burst of color compared to the gray highway.

Thank you mother nature for making my highway ride colorful!

Which simple pleasures do you enjoy?


About coloremily
I live in a colorful world.

2 Responses to the highway’s simple treasures

  1. Office supplies. Love ’em.

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