A Colorful Future

With the semester coming to an end, I have been reflecting on my blog’s progress and thinking about its future. So what perfect timing for my sister to send me this poster image from Etsy‘s Parada Creations:

And I realized that this sums up how I feel about it’s a colorful life. Excuse me for loving the colorful things I find in my everyday life, but I truly love what this blog has allowed me to express over the past few months.

I have found a new appreciate for color, crafts and decor—and now that I’ve started I never want to stop. I find myself thinking of new blog opportunities everywhere I go. I receive inspiration from other blogs such as design*sponge, Oh Joy! and P.S. I made this. This colorful outlet has allowed me to be more colorful in my day to day life.

It doesn’t matter if I’m a big deal anywhere else, but on my blog I think I’m allowed to feel like a big freaking deal.


About coloremily
I live in a colorful world.

3 Responses to A Colorful Future

  1. Mark Schwartz says:

    You are a big freaking deal, everywhere, including your blog.

  2. Sheri says:

    I love this post! You are a BIG FREAKING DEAL to us all the time…not just on your blog:)

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