Happy Halloween!

Fall brings colorful holidays… the first of which is Halloween.

The holiday revolves around the perfectly orange pumpkin. Pumpkin patches are on every corner and you can find them in every grocery store. They rest on every house’s front porch, and on Halloween day, it is time to carve the pumpkin! One of my favorite childhood memories is carving our family’s pumpkin—I loved taking out the squishy insides and then creating a piece of art. Through the years, we made an Ernie pumpkin (my favorite Sesame Street character), scary monsters, and even tried carving our dog. So this year, I am going to carve a UGA masterpiece in honor of the Bulldawgs win over the Gators! (You can purchase a UGA carving kit on Dawgwear.com.)

Halloween is also all about candy. The candy aisles at any grocery or convenience store are always so colorful on Halloween—packages have switched from their usual bland colors to the spooky orange and black. Candy comes in the shape of pumpkins, bats, and witches. Trick-or-treating is the event of the day, and kids end the night with enough candy to last them months. And I cant forget about candy corn, the special Halloween candy. When the leaves start to change colors, I immediately crave this seasonal treat!

And I can’t forget to mention colorful costumes! Kids and adults of all ages dress up in colorful attire. This year I am being an American cowgirl—I was inspired by my summer Jackson Hole trip—and I’m wearing a blue plaid shirt, red and white flag jean skirt, and my cowboy boots. What are some costumes you’ve had through the years?

So go out and celebrate Halloween… the holiday that revolves around candy, dressing up, being spooky, and the color orange. BOO!


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One Response to Happy Halloween!

  1. the candy man says:

    Oh man I love me some candy corns.

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