Sharpie Slam at Digital Atlanta

I’m sure you all know about my love for Sharpies…. it’s their bold colors and crisp marker tips that make me swoon everytime. The products are reliable, and the brand is truly one-of-a-kind.

So I’m here to tell you about a unique event that is taking place as part of Digital Atlanta: Sharpie Slam.

Sharpie Slam is a live art competition between two teams of up-and-coming Atlanta artists taking place this Wednesday, November 9, as part of Digital Atlanta. The teams will only be allowed to use Sharpie permanent markers and Sharpie paint markers during the competition. They will find out the theme of the drawing when the contest begins, and they’ll be creating their masterpieces on 6×8 foot walls. Does this sound like Sharpie heaven or what?

{This event is one of many taking place during Digital Atlanta—a week long series of events celebrating Atlanta’s digital, social media, and mobile marketing and technology successes. It is taking place this week, November 7-11, and events are being held at various venues around Atlanta. (I highly suggest attending any and all Digital Atlanta events that you can… embrace the digital awesomeness being thrown your way.)}

Sharpie Slam’s winning team will be decided by the audience and two guest judges, Mark Boomershine and Corey Barksdale, and will be awarded $500. Join the artists as well as Sharpie and digital enthusiasts on Wednesday, November 9 at 6:30 PM, at the space next to Sound Table (485 Edgewood Ave) for music by DJ Wyld Stallion, drinks (featuring SweetWater Brew), and a night of live art as we blend the lines of art and digital!

View the event details here.

Learn about the artists:

**photo from Sharpie’s Facebook page


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