A colorful hobby

I don’t remember exactly when my passion for home decor, total renovations, and house hunting started… but in the recent months, I have become obsessed. It’s not like I’m in the market for buying a home, and I haven’t had a need to decorate a house, well ever. But I have a new hobby, and I can attribute it to two things.

  1. HGTV: I was at the gym one day in the fall when I turned on “Curb Appeal,” a show that transforms the exterior of a house into something beautiful, updated, and entirely different than what the home owners originally had. I don’t know why, but I was hooked. Then I found “House Hunters,” “Property Virgins,” and “Property Brothers”—and the rest is history. The shows have taught me about real estate and design as well as how to turn a fixer-upper into a dream home (like these image below from “Property Brothers”).



  2. Pinterest: Everyone has a Pinterest account these days, as the site continues to grow daily. I love all of the categories and am constantly inspired. But my favorite category by far is home decor. The pins overwhelm me with beautiful rooms, fabulous color combinations, and unique furniture. I have created different boards to help me organize what I love: bedrooms, for the home, and accessories. You can check out my boards here, and see the designs, color palettes, and styles that I love. Isn’t this bedroom gorgeous? I love the wall color, the mirror above the bed, and contrasting colors with the pillows and bed spread.



I think what I love about my new hobby is seeing the impact that color has on design. I am always blown away by transformations, where a house may start out a mess and ends up looking like a million bucks. I love the process of picking a house, noticing what is unique about it, and planning the design process.

I watch HGTV daily, and I am excited for my new found passion! I’m one step ahead of the game, and I’ll be ready (and EXCITED) when the time comes to buy and decorate my own house.


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I live in a colorful world.

2 Responses to A colorful hobby

  1. I love those shows also…I painted the slope part of my great room ceiling the same as the wall color because of an idea I got from one of those shows. I love house hunters international also because I get to know about areas and price range of houses in those areas. We love HDTV including Papa.

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