Rainbow Cupcakes

I had been seeing pictures of rainbow cupcakes for a while, and I finally decided it was time to make some for myself! So Pinterest directed me to this post, and my roommates and I were in for a colorful treat.

I bought one box of Funfetti cake mix, one tub of Rainbow Chip icing, and a pack of food coloring. I mixed up the batter, and then separated it into five smaller bowls. Next, we put in the food coloring, which immediately turned the white cake mix and into vibrant colors. We decided to make the colors orange, blue, green, purple, and red.

We used regular cupcake tins, and my roommates and I took turns creating our cupcake masterpieces. It was like the batter was our paint… Each one had a different color scheme or pattern, and we were so anxious to see the final result!

They came out wonderfully… It looked like we had tie died the cupcakes! We were so giddy when we cut into them—this baking activity definitely made us feel like kids again. (FYI: We decided this would be a great activity for the youngins.)

After they were done cooling, I put white icing onto the rainbow cupcakes. It was a perfect color contrast. And it was so fun to find different colors and patterns with every bite.

Happy baking!


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3 Responses to Rainbow Cupcakes

  1. Do you have any in the freezer that I can try? Yum and fun

  2. sammyismydog says:

    Looks yum, Are they gluten free?

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