Color Changes Everything

When spring roles around, I know that usually means more color—bold fashion, vibrant trees, and neon nail polish.

This year, however, that also meant the reveal of a new Target ad campaign, Color Changes Everything. 


From the moment the commercial starts, people wearing colorful clothes begin to transform everyday life…all by adding color from Target. A boring couch gets fabulous pillows. An entire family gets a spring wardrobe. A woman gets a complete makeover.

The simple idea that color changes everything is perfect. I want to make it my new tagline. I want to yell it from the rooftops! I want to live and breathe color.

Target does a great job with this campaign. It takes real life situations and adds their own colorful accessories, beauty products, and fashion. The commercial allows its viewers to see the immediate result of adding color to his or her life.

I urge you to go out and try it on your own. Add color to your life, and let me know if it changes everything.


About coloremily
I live in a colorful world.

2 Responses to Color Changes Everything

  1. sammyismydog says:

    Not a single word spoken, not a single message of Target. What are they selling / conveying in the ad?

    • coloremily says:

      That’s exactly why I love this commercial… The Target logo appears in the last scene and there aren’t any words in the entire ad. The commercial conveys emotion through its use of color. Target wants its customers to go into the store and buy its spring products… I don’t know about anyone else, but it worked for me! Target has a great spring collection, and I’ve already made colorful purchases!!

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