A Colorful Throwback: The Spice Girls

Everyone loves a good throwback… So why not talk about the music group that defined my pre-teen years —

The Spice Girls.

One look at this picture and I am reminded of the color that the Spice Girls brought to my life. Their wardrobes, their hair, their shoes! I collected Spice Girls bubble gum, lollipops, post cards, and posters that were colorful. And even their lyrics promoted friendship, positivity, and most importantly—girl power.

The group didn’t want to be average. And they did everything imaginable to stand out.

The outfits were not only unique and colorful, but they also matched their names as well, which reflected the individual attitudes and personalities. Sporty Spice was always in sporty attire, and Scary Spice always had some sort of animal print or bright color. Posh Spice was always the most fashionable, and Ginger Spice was always the sexiest. Baby Spice, my favorite, was always cute as a button.

These girls truly took on their roles and created a band with a personality that no one could compete with…

We all have a lot to learn from the Spice Girls. Because if you “wannabe” a color queen, all you need to do is “stop right now” and “spice up your life!” Girl power!


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2 Responses to A Colorful Throwback: The Spice Girls

  1. Lizz says:

    I couldn’t possibly love any blog most more than I love this one right now!

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