New Year, New Colors

Happy 2013! And please excuse my absence — blogging has officially become my New Year’s resolution, so expect to see more of me.

In this absence, a lot has happened in my life…

First, and most significantly, I graduated from the University of Georgia. It was a bittersweet time in my life, as it was hard for me to believe that the “best four years of my life” were over. I will always be grateful for the memories I made in Athens and for the opportunities I received from the Grady College. And for the rest of my life, I will bleed red and black…

Grady College girls at graduation

Up next was a very special summer vacation! A family trip to Europe. We started in London, then visited Paris, and ended in Switzerland. I love exploring different cities — the food, the streets, the cultures! The unique colors and vibrant sites are all so different than in America. And we had amazing weather, so we saw rich blue skies perfectly juxtaposed against European museums, flags, and mountains. Thanks mom and dad! It was an amazing trip!

The Schwartz family at the Louvre in Paris, France

Vevey, Switzerland — a beautiful town located on Lake Geneva

And then I started I my very first big girl job at Turner Broadcasting! I am a Social Media Marketing Assistant for Turner Entertainment Networks, and I spend my days tweeting, Facebooking, and talking to fans of our shows. For a job, I feel pretty lucky. It’s a great company to work for, I love being a community manager, and I even have work friends! I’ve also moved into my own apartment and pay the bills. Yup, I feel like a real grown up…

2012 was filled with lots of change, and now 2013 brings a new year filled with new colors that I’ve never explored. And I’m excited to share them with you.


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