My grown-up apartment

After five months of living in my apartment, it finally feels complete! I’ve hung up everything on my walls, bought plenty of accessories (at least for now), and strategically placed all of our pictures and books! Major shout out to HGTV for all of the inspiration!

So it’s time for show and tell! Here’s a picture of our dining room. The blue, green, and brown are colors we have throughout the entire living room and kitchen. I’m lucky that my roommate likes these colors, too, as blue has always been my favorite color!

  • photo(4)The table and chairs are from my parents old house. We spray painted the chairs white and got the cushions recovered in a really fun, colorful pattern. They look great in the space and were even better for our budget!
  • And how much do you love the window paintings? They are the most recent addition to the room and really complete it. The roomie’s mom found them for us at an art show. Well, she saw the artist at an art show and then got these customized for us so that the colors would be perfect for our apartment! Be sure to check out the artist’s site, she makes awesome stuff!
  • Can you see the blue peacock in the corner? It’s holding our cookbooks up on the bar and is a fun, random accessory. I’ve decided it’s the little accents that really make a space. I found this at Pier

Here is the living room! You can see the blue, green, and brown continue throughout the space. The colors make me happy!

  • The curtains are my favorite part of the room! I got them at World Cost Plus Market. They really tie the entire space and all of the colors together. The roomie got the tree painting there, too.
  • Both the coffee table and brown chair are from Ikea. I love that store; I feel like a kid in a candy shop with all of the colors, furniture, and decor possibilities!
  • The lamp is from HomeGoods and the pillows are from Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Love the hodgepodge!

So now we’re moving on to my bedroom! I had so much fun mixing new and old pieces together for the ultimate grown-up room.

  • The shelf is from Pottery Barn (thanks Bubbie and Papa!) and I love how the pictures are layered. I wanted to do something different on my walls, and this was definitely it! The flower picture is from Target, and the elephant is from India (another shout out to Bub)! I love all the colors.
  • The gorgeous book shelf is from Nadeau! And it is my favorite thing I’ve gotten for the apartment. It looks amazing in the space, and I know I’ll have it for a long time!
  • The accessories are from HomeGoods and C. Wonder. Y’all know I need as much as color as possible!

So there ya have it! My very first grown up apartment! It’s been great finally being able to decorate somewhere I can call my own. I love finding the little accessories and perfect shades of color to really complete a space. I’m so glad my slight obsession with HGTV started when it did because I was able to put my decorating skills to use! Hope you’re living in as much color as I am…


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4 Responses to My grown-up apartment

  1. The apartment is even more beautiful in person…great job Emily.

  2. Lizz says:

    Love it! Very nice, Emily!

  3. Ali says:

    love this blog!

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