My grown-up apartment

After five months of living in my apartment, it finally feels complete! I’ve hung up everything on my walls, bought plenty of accessories (at least for now), and strategically placed all of our pictures and books! Major shout out to HGTV for all of the inspiration!

So it’s time for show and tell! Here’s a picture of our dining room. The blue, green, and brown are colors we have throughout the entire living room and kitchen. I’m lucky that my roommate likes these colors, too, as blue has always been my favorite color!

  • photo(4)The table and chairs are from my parents old house. We spray painted the chairs white and got the cushions recovered in a really fun, colorful pattern. They look great in the space and were even better for our budget!
  • And how much do you love the window paintings? They are the most recent addition to the room and really complete it. The roomie’s mom found them for us at an art show. Well, she saw the artist at an art show and then got these customized for us so that the colors would be perfect for our apartment! Be sure to check out the artist’s site, she makes awesome stuff!
  • Can you see the blue peacock in the corner? It’s holding our cookbooks up on the bar and is a fun, random accessory. I’ve decided it’s the little accents that really make a space. I found this at Pier

Here is the living room! You can see the blue, green, and brown continue throughout the space. The colors make me happy!

  • The curtains are my favorite part of the room! I got them at World Cost Plus Market. They really tie the entire space and all of the colors together. The roomie got the tree painting there, too.
  • Both the coffee table and brown chair are from Ikea. I love that store; I feel like a kid in a candy shop with all of the colors, furniture, and decor possibilities!
  • The lamp is from HomeGoods and the pillows are from Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Love the hodgepodge!

So now we’re moving on to my bedroom! I had so much fun mixing new and old pieces together for the ultimate grown-up room.

  • The shelf is from Pottery Barn (thanks Bubbie and Papa!) and I love how the pictures are layered. I wanted to do something different on my walls, and this was definitely it! The flower picture is from Target, and the elephant is from India (another shout out to Bub)! I love all the colors.
  • The gorgeous book shelf is from Nadeau! And it is my favorite thing I’ve gotten for the apartment. It looks amazing in the space, and I know I’ll have it for a long time!
  • The accessories are from HomeGoods and C. Wonder. Y’all know I need as much as color as possible!

So there ya have it! My very first grown up apartment! It’s been great finally being able to decorate somewhere I can call my own. I love finding the little accessories and perfect shades of color to really complete a space. I’m so glad my slight obsession with HGTV started when it did because I was able to put my decorating skills to use! Hope you’re living in as much color as I am…


Color Changes Everything

When spring roles around, I know that usually means more color—bold fashion, vibrant trees, and neon nail polish.

This year, however, that also meant the reveal of a new Target ad campaign, Color Changes Everything. 


From the moment the commercial starts, people wearing colorful clothes begin to transform everyday life…all by adding color from Target. A boring couch gets fabulous pillows. An entire family gets a spring wardrobe. A woman gets a complete makeover.

The simple idea that color changes everything is perfect. I want to make it my new tagline. I want to yell it from the rooftops! I want to live and breathe color.

Target does a great job with this campaign. It takes real life situations and adds their own colorful accessories, beauty products, and fashion. The commercial allows its viewers to see the immediate result of adding color to his or her life.

I urge you to go out and try it on your own. Add color to your life, and let me know if it changes everything.

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone out there! I hope you’re celebrating with friends and loved ones.

But most importantly, I hope you’re celebrating the colors that are distinct to this day—pink and red.

Maybe you’re wearing heart socks, a red scarf, or you painted your nails pink. Today is the day to wear these colors loud and proud. (And when else can you get away with wearing an outfit of head-to-toe hearts?)

Image via Etsy.

Also special for Valentine’s Day is the endless amount of colorful candy! The grocery stores are bursting at the aisles with holiday candy. I love the colorful wrappers and frilly decor… And my candy intake certainly increases during the month of February, but I just can’t seem to turn down pretty candy.

Tonight, I’ll be cooking this heart shaped pasta. (A Valentine present from my parents purchased at Bed Bath & Beyond; thanks Mom and Dad!) I’m thinking I’ll add marina sauce to the pasta so I can get in as much red as possible today.

What are some other colorful ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day? I’d love to hear! Happy red and pink day!

A colorful hobby

I don’t remember exactly when my passion for home decor, total renovations, and house hunting started… but in the recent months, I have become obsessed. It’s not like I’m in the market for buying a home, and I haven’t had a need to decorate a house, well ever. But I have a new hobby, and I can attribute it to two things.

  1. HGTV: I was at the gym one day in the fall when I turned on “Curb Appeal,” a show that transforms the exterior of a house into something beautiful, updated, and entirely different than what the home owners originally had. I don’t know why, but I was hooked. Then I found “House Hunters,” “Property Virgins,” and “Property Brothers”—and the rest is history. The shows have taught me about real estate and design as well as how to turn a fixer-upper into a dream home (like these image below from “Property Brothers”).



  2. Pinterest: Everyone has a Pinterest account these days, as the site continues to grow daily. I love all of the categories and am constantly inspired. But my favorite category by far is home decor. The pins overwhelm me with beautiful rooms, fabulous color combinations, and unique furniture. I have created different boards to help me organize what I love: bedrooms, for the home, and accessories. You can check out my boards here, and see the designs, color palettes, and styles that I love. Isn’t this bedroom gorgeous? I love the wall color, the mirror above the bed, and contrasting colors with the pillows and bed spread.



I think what I love about my new hobby is seeing the impact that color has on design. I am always blown away by transformations, where a house may start out a mess and ends up looking like a million bucks. I love the process of picking a house, noticing what is unique about it, and planning the design process.

I watch HGTV daily, and I am excited for my new found passion! I’m one step ahead of the game, and I’ll be ready (and EXCITED) when the time comes to buy and decorate my own house.

I Bleed Red & Black

Since both of my parents went to the University of Georgia, we often joke that I was born a Bulldawg. But it’s true — becuase ever since I can remember I have proudly sported the colors red and black.

Now that it’s football season, red and black is a staple in my wardrobe. (Yes, even with an 0-2 record I am still wearing my team’s colors. I’m a loyal fan!)

Here is a look at some of my red and black through the years…

This is from a football game I attended when I was just 16 years old… I hadn’t even been accepted to UGA yet.

Bleeding red and black is a family affair! Here is my dad and me and a game last fall.

My friends and I love cheering on the Dawgs! If you’re not in red or black, you just don’t fit in.

Just one look at Sanford Stadium and I get excited! Look at all the red!

Even though I graduate in May, I am positive I will bleed red and black until I die. Goooo Dawgs! Sick ’em!

Paint by numbers at Pints & Paints

Athens has a new gem… Pints & Paints.

My roommate and I arrived at the tucked away Pints and Paints on Pulaski Street in Athens, and we were ready to create a masterpiece. Pints and Paints is an art bar where people gather to take art classes, socialize, and leave with a unique, handcrafted painting.

The evening was filled with laughter and the instructors and owners were friendly and talented! Check out my painting of the Cali N Tito’s bus from start to finish…

We started with a blank canvas that had the outline already drawn out.

We were given paint and taught to mix colors, which became a fun and messy task.

Blue, my favorite color, was mixed first. I painted everything blue and tried to follow the instructor’s lead.

Next we added yellow and then worked on details and shading, which was the hardest part.

Color was everywhere in the art studio!

And I was very satisfied with my finished project.

Thanks Abby and the Pints and Paints crew… My painting is already hanging up in my house, and I can’t wait for the next one!

House Hunting

I was in Atlanta walking around near Candler Park when I stopped mid-step at what I saw before me..

House after house painted different shades of fabulous!

The colors were fun and added a charming feel to the neighborhood. I’ve seen houses here and there painted fun colors before, but never this many in one place. So I picked out a few of my favorites to show you!

Would you ever paint your house a color?