The Best Is Yet to Come

While I was playing on Facebook this week, one of Sharpie’s posts caught my eye…


The best is yet to come. So simple, and yet exactly what I needed to remind myself that good things are ahead of me! And it didn’t hurt that it was doodled in colorful Sharpies… Certainly brightened my day!

I followed the link to a unique Tumblr page called Lettering Daily where artist Maia Then has created hundreds of doodles. Here is how she describes her page: “What happens when a notebook, a few markers and an iphone meet.”

Dang, I wish I thought of that. Take a look at her page, and let me know what you think! I love the simple, poetic, colorful creations she’s made! Which one is your favorite?


Sharpie Slam at Digital Atlanta

I’m sure you all know about my love for Sharpies…. it’s their bold colors and crisp marker tips that make me swoon everytime. The products are reliable, and the brand is truly one-of-a-kind.

So I’m here to tell you about a unique event that is taking place as part of Digital Atlanta: Sharpie Slam.

Sharpie Slam is a live art competition between two teams of up-and-coming Atlanta artists taking place this Wednesday, November 9, as part of Digital Atlanta. The teams will only be allowed to use Sharpie permanent markers and Sharpie paint markers during the competition. They will find out the theme of the drawing when the contest begins, and they’ll be creating their masterpieces on 6×8 foot walls. Does this sound like Sharpie heaven or what?

{This event is one of many taking place during Digital Atlanta—a week long series of events celebrating Atlanta’s digital, social media, and mobile marketing and technology successes. It is taking place this week, November 7-11, and events are being held at various venues around Atlanta. (I highly suggest attending any and all Digital Atlanta events that you can… embrace the digital awesomeness being thrown your way.)}

Sharpie Slam’s winning team will be decided by the audience and two guest judges, Mark Boomershine and Corey Barksdale, and will be awarded $500. Join the artists as well as Sharpie and digital enthusiasts on Wednesday, November 9 at 6:30 PM, at the space next to Sound Table (485 Edgewood Ave) for music by DJ Wyld Stallion, drinks (featuring SweetWater Brew), and a night of live art as we blend the lines of art and digital!

View the event details here.

Learn about the artists:

**photo from Sharpie’s Facebook page

Sharpie Heaven

I was in need of a new binder for one of my classes, so I ventured to Office Depot. I was basically on a high just strolling through the aisles of crisp notebook paper and unopened pens.

Then, I saw it. SHARPIES. Not just a pack of Sharpies. Not just one style of Sharpies.

But I saw a heavenly display of Sharpies filled with every color imaginable in a variety of styles.

I felt like I could do anything. When looking at the colors and crisp tips of the markers, I couldn’t help but think of the endless possibilities the future holds for the individual Sharpies.

First, I admired the colors. It was a rainbow of fabulous. Three or four shades of every color I would ever want to draw with.

Next I looked at the styles.

  • There was the classic Fine Point Permanent Marker, good for just about everything from labeling food to writing letters to drawing on yourself.
  • I played with the Retractable Marker, which is great because you can use it with one hand since you can click for the marker to appear rather than taking on and off the cap.
  • Then there was the Ultra Fine Point Marker. I love using these when taking notes for classes or quickly jotting things down.
  • And finally I opened the Chisel Tip Marker, which I have used countless times to make posters and projects.

The best part about the display was that you could actually take any Sharpie you wanted and test it out on a blank notebook provided. There was color all over the display—it was any Sharpie-holic’s dream. Clever, creative and perfectly suited to attract Sharpie users to make a purchase. (Shout out Newell Rubbermaid, I love everything about the product!!)

Check out the Sharpie website, the Uncapped Gallery and Sharpie blog or find them on Facebook or Twitter. I’m one of those Sharpie-holics— finding this display was my dream come true.

And of course I couldn’t help but use the Sharpies myself…


markers, markers, markers

I have seven different boxes and styles of markers. Two types of crayons. One pack of glitter pens. And a desk full of pencils, pens and highlighters. (And that is just my collection with me at school.) Let’s just say I take my writing and coloring utensils seriously.


There are two main reasons why my collection is so extensive.

First, I get a new pack of markers every year on my birthday. This tradition started way back before I was a teenager when for some reason I always got upset at the end of my birthday because my once-a-year special day was coming to an end. But the cure was simple—a trip to Media Play.

Media Play was known for their collections of DVD’s, CD’s and books, but of course I chose a new pack of markers. The new addition to my collection always boosted my spirits, and for some reason made it seem a little more okay that my birthday was coming to an end.

Then I grew up, but the tradition did not stop. Instead of going to Media Play, I would just get an exciting new pack of markers as one of my gifts.

One year, I was flabbergasted to see that my mom had found the 50 pack of Crayola markers that I had been searching for everywhere. Another year I got Crayola’s Pip-Squeaks Mix ‘Ems, which are little markers that allow you to create original color fusions using more than one marker. For my 21st birthday, I finally got the 24 pack of Sharpies that had been on my wish list for months.

Often times, the markers end up being my most talked about gift.

The second reason my collection of markers is so big is because of my old babysitter, Julia, and her family. When Julia graduated from high school, I can remember being at her house when she opened a colorful container full of markers, construction paper and essential A & C supplies.

So for my graduation, I requested the exact same thing. Julia and her family supplied me with everything I needed to start college fully stocked of art supplies.

Nowadays, I may not use the collection of markers and crayons as frequently as I did when I was a child. But my excitement and passion for the bold colors on a crisp piece of white paper is still exactly the same.