New Year, New Colors

Happy 2013! And please excuse my absence — blogging has officially become my New Year’s resolution, so expect to see more of me.

In this absence, a lot has happened in my life…

First, and most significantly, I graduated from the University of Georgia. It was a bittersweet time in my life, as it was hard for me to believe that the “best four years of my life” were over. I will always be grateful for the memories I made in Athens and for the opportunities I received from the Grady College. And for the rest of my life, I will bleed red and black…

Grady College girls at graduation

Up next was a very special summer vacation! A family trip to Europe. We started in London, then visited Paris, and ended in Switzerland. I love exploring different cities — the food, the streets, the cultures! The unique colors and vibrant sites are all so different than in America. And we had amazing weather, so we saw rich blue skies perfectly juxtaposed against European museums, flags, and mountains. Thanks mom and dad! It was an amazing trip!

The Schwartz family at the Louvre in Paris, France

Vevey, Switzerland — a beautiful town located on Lake Geneva

And then I started I my very first big girl job at Turner Broadcasting! I am a Social Media Marketing Assistant for Turner Entertainment Networks, and I spend my days tweeting, Facebooking, and talking to fans of our shows. For a job, I feel pretty lucky. It’s a great company to work for, I love being a community manager, and I even have work friends! I’ve also moved into my own apartment and pay the bills. Yup, I feel like a real grown up…

2012 was filled with lots of change, and now 2013 brings a new year filled with new colors that I’ve never explored. And I’m excited to share them with you.


the highway’s simple treasures

As I drove to Birmingham, Alabama, to visit with family, I was reminded that the simple things in life make a HUGE difference. Driving on a highway can be so boring and painful. But I got lucky because I found color!

My family and I drove on a beautiful day with clear skies. So I was able to admire the blue sky touching the newly green leaves on the trees. They were filled with various shades of green leaves, and it was obvious their blooming was recent.

There is something so amazing when everyday, contrasting colors are so vibrant.

The next colorful and simple pleasure I saw was an abundance of blooming wildflowers in the median of the highway. Luckily I was not driving becuase I could not take my eyes off of the flowers, which was a refreshing burst of color compared to the gray highway.

Thank you mother nature for making my highway ride colorful!

Which simple pleasures do you enjoy?

el color in COSTA RICA

Over winter break, my family and I traveled to the beautiful country of Costa Rica.

Its national expression is “pura vida,” which means a pure life. The country’s citizens and visitors certainly abide by the saying—for everyone I met was happy and everywhere I went was colorful!

We started the trip in Arenol, the volcano region. Since Costa Rica is a rain forest, it is usually raining. These are the only sunny, clear pictures of the volcano and lake Arenol. There were breathtaking natural colors and images.


Costa Rica is famous for ziplining through the canopy. My entire family (even my cool grandparents!!) flew through the trees, with wind blowing all over bodies and screaming for dear life. The views from thousands of feet in the air were incredible, and this experience was something I will never forget.

We also went white water rafting on class four rapids. The best part of the trip was stopping on a little beach half way through our ride to cut fresh fruit. The rafting guides turned one of the rafts into a table and cut the freshest most vibrant pineapple I have ever had.

For the second part of the week, we were in Tamarindo beach on the Pacific Ocean. Everyday was prettier than the last and colors were EVERYWHERE. The ocean, grass, beach chairs, wild animals (like iguanas and monkeys), food, the stores… Just sitting and taking in the scenery was my favorite beach activity.


Costa Rica was full of bright colors, spectacular sights and friendly people. The vacation was a perfect combination of both action and relaxation. So I ask you… Who’s ready for a beach trip?

Italian Amore

I was reminiscing through my pictures when I came across my album from when I traveled to Italy.

I studied abroad in Italy this past summer, and everyday I was overwhelmed with its beauty. The architecture, people, food and scenery constantly took my breath away. And looking back at those pictures I realized… COLOR was everywhere.

I studied in Verona, which is located in the Veneto region in the north. (It is said to be the city where Romeo and Juliet took place, thus it is called the city of love.) Each building was painted a pastel color and had contrasting colored shutters on its windows. Flowers hung in baskets out of windows. And no matter where I looked, color was present.

Below is a picture of Piazza Bra, which is one of two main piazzas in the city of Verona. The architecture here was defined and the color of the buildings, street signs and even the road played a significant role in the city’s beauty.


Here is a picture of Verona taken from the top of the clock tower in the center of city. This is the bird’s eye view of the city where you can see the colored roofs, rolling hills and unique buildings. Man the birds have it good…

Yes, the entire city looked like this. In fact every city I traveled to in Italy had its own breathtaking attributes and I regularly found myself standing in awe of what I was looking at.


As I traveled around the rest of Italy, I quickly learned that the country’s landscape—as well as the food and wine—was also full of color and beauty.

Here is one of five dashing towns in Cinque Terre, located on the Italian Riviera. A hiking trail connects the towns, and I hiked from town to town while mesmerized by the intense blue of the Mediterranean Sea, fierce green grass on the side of the mountains and the rainbow of buildings in each town.

The Amalfi Coast was, in my opinion, the most beautiful and elegant city I visited. Here I am with my travel partner and BFF on the balcony of our hotel in Positano. Cascading hills lined with colorful homes and hotels as well as dainty flowers were everywhere I looked.

My friends and I were lucky enough to get to experience hands-on Italian cooking by taking a cooking class in the countryside. Below are stuffed zucchini flowers with chives and goat cheese filling. We beer battered them and baked them in the oven—quite a decadent appetizer. Also, we handpicked spices from the garden to create a fabulous dinner where I was able to focus on the exceptional taste with each bite.

Now the only thing left to do is book my next trip!! Anyone up for a visit to Italy?