Valentine’s Day Recap

Valentine’s Day was yesterday, and now it’s time for a colorful reflection! I hope you spent your day dressed in head-to-toe red and surrounded by loved ones. I spent the majority of my day making goodies for the people that I love.

First, I made a Gluten-free Valentine Chex mix (it tasted just like puppy chow) for my non-gluten eating dad and sister! Gluten Free Chex Mis It was delicious! And the pink, red, and white colors were just perfectly festive! The recipe produced so much Chex mix, that I had enough to give some to my boyfriend (Peter) and my roomie (Erica) — all very special people in my life! Here is the recipe I found on Pinterest and a quick video I made using Vine to share the recipe’s ingredients.

When I dropped the Chex mix and Valentine’s cards off at my parent’s house, I got to spend time with someone I love very much — Hudson. Just look at this face! His blonde eyelashes. That pink nose. And his awesome snuggling skills. What a lover. Hudson

For our evening festivities, Peter volunteered to make dinner and I was responsible for making dessert. We had a decadent mushroom risotto and smothered pork chops with mushrooms from Hugh Acheson’s cookbook, A New Turn in the South. Hugh is one of our favorite chefs; we love all of his restaurants and his cookbook is awesome. (Thank goodness for the chives and thyme that we used in this recipe. The green added some much needed color to the dish!) This meal ranks as one of my all time favorites cooked by my personal chef, Peter. DinnerFor dessert, I made a red velvet and strawberry trifle. I have made this once before, so I knew it would be a success both in taste and color. Here is the recipe from Taste and Tell Blog. She does a red velvet week every year around Valentine’s Day and has some great recipes!  The vibrant red strawberries and cake mixed with the white yogurt was the perfect color combo for the occasion.
Red Velvet and Strawberry Trifle

Here’s to many more colorful memories with the people that we love!


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